The decision to move a loved one into a nursing home or skilled nursing facility can be a stressful and difficult time. The services of each Saber Healthcare Group facility are designed to help ease the stress and responsibility associated with being a caregiver. By choosing a quality skilled nursing facility, you can offer your loved one the individualized care and attention they need and deserve.

Saber Healthcare Group facilities offer both medical services and rehabilitation services. Our therapy programs are designed to help patients recover following a hospital stay due to: illnesses such as stroke or heart attack; surgery; or debilitating injury.

By choosing the qualified nurses, physicians and staff of the Saber Healthcare Group to take on some of the daily responsibilities, you can feel confident that you or your loved one is receiving the exact level of care they need. Whether a resident's needs are short-term, long-term, or outpatient, our facilities offer around-the-clock, personalized care.

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Skilled Nursing Care

Our skilled nursing services consist of an interdisciplinary team approach focused on the individual needs of our patients and residents. At Saber Healthcare Group facilities we pride ourselves on delivering quality care each and everyday to those patients and residents we are privileged to serve.

Our nursing staff is available 24 hours a day to assist in meeting the needs of our patients. We offer specialized programs and individualized care plans designed to achieve the best outcomes for you to return to your home and work. It is our goal at a Saber Healthcare Group facility to return you to the highest level of function following an illness, surgery, or debilitating injury.

Your care and treatment plan will be developed and directed by your physician in collaboration with our interdisciplinary care team to assist you in achieving the highest level of function and return home as quickly and safely as possible.

Saber Healthcare Group's skilled nursing services include, but are not limited to:

  • 24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Wound Care Management
  • Pain Management
  • IV Therapy including IV Antibiotics
  • Nutritional Monitoring
  • Neurological, Cardiac and Stroke Recovery
  • Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy
  • Pulmonary Services
  • Respite Care
  • Hospice Care


If short-term rehabilitation is the goal following surgery or a debilitating injury a Saber Healthcare facility is the answer for you. Our caring professionals are committed to getting residents back to work or back home as quickly and safely as possible.

Our skilled team of therapists is unsurpassed. Whether you are improving general mobility, recovering from an injury, stroke, or surgery, our professional staff will facilitate the best treatment plan to achieve your highest level of wellness.

When the goal of rehabilitation is to return home upon achieving maximum wellness potential, the entire team works with the individual and family members to ensure a safe return.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of treatment you may need when health problems make it hard to move around and do everyday tasks. It helps you move better and may relieve pain. It also helps improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level.

The goal of physical therapy is to make daily tasks and activities easier. For example, it may help with walking, going up stairs, or getting in and out of bed.

Saber facility therapists maximize our patient's capabilities to move and function independently within the environment using a variety of tools, techniques and equipment.

Occupational Therapy

The goal of occupational therapy is to help people live and work as independently as possible. Saber Occupational Therapists use work, self-care, and recreational activities to increase the flexibility and independent function of people with long-lasting health conditions. Occupational therapy can include:

  • Assistance and training in performing activities such as dressing, cooking, and eating.
  • Physical exercises to increase good posture and joint motion, as well as overall strength and flexibility. For example, people with hand and wrist stiffness may be taught to exercise those joints right after doing the dishes, while the joints are warm and looser.
  • Evaluation of your daily living needs and assessment of your home and work environments, with recommendations for changes in those environments that will help you continue your activities.
  • Assessment and training in the use of assistive devices, such as special key holders if hands are stiff, computer-aided adaptive equipment, and wheelchairs.
  • Fitting splints for the hands.
  • The teaching of specific hand stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Guidance for family members and caregivers.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy professionals work alongside the rest of our staff to ensure the best possible progress for each of our patients. Treatments include improving neurologically impaired resident's ability to communicate and swallowing disorders.

Long Term care

Long Term Care at Saber Healthcare Group facilities provides 24-hour medical and support services for seniors and individuals with a chronic condition or a prolonged illness.

Saber Healthcare Group facilities offer you the choice you need when the decision to place your loved one arises. Our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals is committed to providing a higher quality of life to each and every one of our residents through the quality care we provide.

Every resident benefits from our spirit of community at each of our facilities. Personal interests are achieved, and lasting friendships are formed that make our facilities much more than just a place to live.

By choosing one of our many facilities you can rest assured that you will receive individualized care and attention. Recognizing the interests, individuality and dignity of our residents are the goals that inspire our staff on a daily basis. We strive to promote as much independence as possible to our residents at Saber Healthcare Group facilities.

Our specialized long-term care services include but are not limited to:

  • Life Enrichment Activities 7 days a week
  • Delicious restaurant style meals
  • Salon and Barber services
  • Private and Semi-Private rooms
  • Individualized Care Plans
  • Cable Television and Internet access
  • Laundry Services
  • Social Services

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

We understand the challenges that Alzheimer's presents to patients and their families, and we are ready to help address each need. Providing meaningful activities is the foundation of our care plan. Every event, interaction or procedure is an activity. It may be an outing, a backrub, a dance or a meal.

The principle involved is one of focusing on the person's individual capabilities, flexibility in planning, and planning activities to their level of functional ability.

To provide the best possible care each of our team members receives intensive, interactive education on the following topics:

  • Overview of the Alzheimer's disease process
  • Person Centered Care
  • Communication Techniques
  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors to maintain a safe, relaxed, and comfortable living environment
  • Working as a team with families
  • Providing Meaningful Activities

Respite Care

Need a break from care giving? Respite care or short-term relief is a time for primary caregivers to restore and strengthen their ability to continue providing care. Saber facilities provide Respite Care for caregivers who may need some time away. Our program gives family caregivers "time off" so they can resume care giving, refreshed and rested. Please call and arrange dates through one of our facility's Admissions Department as soon as you know you have a need.

Hospice Care

Hospice care provides medical services, emotional support, and spiritual resources for people who are in the last stages of a serious illness, such as cancer or heart failure. Hospice care also helps family members manage the practical details and emotional challenges of caring for a dying loved one.

Why might you choose hospice care?

The goal of hospice treatment is to keep you or your loved one comfortable and improve the quality of life while dying. This philosophy is a shift from usual medical treatments in which health professionals strive to cure a disease. Hospice services are not intended to speed up or prolong the dying process. They focus instead on relieving pain and other symptoms. Our hospice caregivers are concerned with enhancing the quality of remaining life by keeping you or your loved one as alert and comfortable as possible in a familiar environment with family and friends.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the ideal solution for those who are in the need of some assistance with daily living yet aim to live as independently as possible. The focus is on maintaining independence in a private setting, but also having the security that a trained professional is just a few steps away.

An individually tailored plan of assistance is provided by well-trained team members available 24-hours a day. Our goal is to provide care while preserving each resident's dignity, encouraging independence and enabling freedom of choice.

Many services are provided to reduce the risk of accidents or falls, including meals, housekeeping and laundry services which also remove much of the burden of living in a private residence. Saber Healthcare group assisted living centers also allow the resident to decorate their individual apartment to create a sense of home and create an environment of familiarity.

Our assisted living centers also offer numerous social benefits to the residents. Many social functions and group activities occur to offer opportunities for friendship and social interaction. Being part of our assisted living centers allows you the independence you need but also the companionship and friendships to make your days complete.

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