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Saber Healthcare Group Offers COVID-19 Vaccine to Staff and Residents

Saber Healthcare Group Offers COVID-19 Vaccine to Staff and Residents

Dec. 21st, 2020

Saber amongst other healthcare facilities in the US have the first opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Cleveland, Ohio – Saber Healthcare Group is offering the opportunity for the company’s staff and residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in all facilities in the upcoming weeks.

“I could not have been more excited to see shipments of the vaccine start to travel across the United States and know that the vulnerable adults we care for in nursing homes are being made a priority,” Dr. Istenes, Chief Medical Officer at Saber Healthcare Group shared. “I encourage everyone to consider vaccination when it is your turn so that together we can end this pandemic.” 

Saber has partnered with CVS to administer the vaccine and ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

Both available vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, will be administered in two doses at a vaccine clinic, three to four weeks apart. The vaccine has been proven to be safe and effective, both vaccines undergoing clinical trials and receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Saber Healthcare is committed to bringing the vaccine to all of our residents and staff to protect them and their families. Residents along with their responsible parties and staff will have to sign a consent form prior to receiving the vaccine.

Saber encourages all employees and residents to receive the vaccine. We also encourage everyone in our communities, especially the families and friends of our residents, to consider getting the vaccine as it becomes available to the general public. If you are unsure if you or your loved one should receive the vaccine, contact a medical professional.

We hope that high vaccine acceptance rate in each building and around the community will allow us to have communal dining, group activities, and visitation in the future. After getting the vaccine, people will still need to wear masks, wash hands, and socially distance for the time-being. Our facilities will also continue to follow all state, federal, and local guidelines regarding COVID-19 to protect our communities.

Together, we can start to put an end to this pandemic.

About Saber Healthcare Group: Established in 2001, the Cleveland-based company has grown from two skilled nursing facilities to more than 105 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in seven states (Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida). Saber’s “On the Cutting Edge of Healthcare” philosophy has spurred its growth and the company to implement greater healthcare knowledge and technologies to serve residents and patients in better ways.

PDF download: Saber Healthcare Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine December 21st