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Welcome to Saber Healthcare Group®

Personal Attention. Proven Results.®

Why Saber® Healthcare Facilities

The Saber Healthcare Group® skilled nursing and rehabilitation team provides the highest level of medical and nursing care in an atmosphere that is appreciated by both our residents and their families.

Our specialized programs and services are designed to enhance the lives of our residents. Whether you are seeking short-term services or long-term care, our team is committed to meeting your individual needs or those of your loved one.

The Saber Healthcare Group® is committed to providing a higher quality of life to each and every one of our residents through the quality care we provide. Specializing in respectful and compassionate care choices, our facilities are trusted and leading providers of:

  • 24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies
  • Short and Long Term Skilled Nursing Services
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Neurological/Stroke/Cardiac Recovery
  • Respite and Convalescent Care
  • Palliative and Hospice Care
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Care
  • IV Therapy

Saber Healthcare Group® is proud of its staff as they are carefully chosen for their caring attitudes and compassionate natures as well as health care expertise. As a result, Saber® skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities provide the highest quality of physician directed in-house care possible, always administered with warmth and kindness. Our focus is on the well-being of our residents, and their families.

What's new at Saber Health?

What's new at Saber Health?

Individual Facility Information

We invite you to explore the balance of our website and hope that this introduction to the Saber Healthcare Group® helps you in your discovery process.

Each Saber® facility maintains its own individual website to provide information on the facility's care services, capabilities, resources, staff, current activities, and community in detail.

An Informed Choice

We recognize that the decision as to who should provide care or therapy for you or a loved one is a difficult task. Saber® Skilled Nursing and Health Care Centers can make a positive, supportive contribution in a difficult time. We strive to return each of our residents to their previous independence, quality of life, and peace of mind by: consistently delivering exceptional quality care and service; by employing caring and highly skilled healthcare professionals and support workers; through personalized programs that support quality of life; and by our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Saber® facilities go the extra mile by developing a specialized care plan for every individual and by working closely with all care providers, patient, and family. Throughout your or your loved ones stay, you are kept informed to ensure that everyone has a full understanding and high level of confidence in the treatment plan.

  • Our commitment to residents and their families ensures that the people we serve are the central focus behind the decisions we make
  • Our leadership team and dedicated staff are trained professionals who care for each resident as an individual using a team approach
  • Our specialized programs ensure that we remain committed to exceeding the expectations of our residents, patients, and their families

We truly get to know the people we serve and understand each individual's healthcare needs. We know that the residents we serve are your mothers and fathers, your sisters and brothers, your uncles, grandparents, friends and loved ones. Like you, we want to provide them with the best care and support possible. We have the compassion, experience, expertise, skills, and programs to provide the quality care that result in the best possible quality of life.