Assisted Living in Smithfield

Meadowview Assisted Living is a Community in which seniors can live independently in their own suites while receiving services they need from our well-trained and caring team members. With all the comforts and services available, our residents have the freedom of choosing what best reflects their personal needs and interests. These choices allow Meadowview Assisted Living’s residents to seamlessly transition into their new lifestyle. We concentrate on individual wellness and tailor each resident’s plan accordingly in a home-like setting, preserving the dignity of each and every resident. Security and well-being are the primary focus while encouraging purpose driven and meaningful ways of life.

Residents enjoy their own suites and receive services from our well trained care managers that are equipped with the techniques to understand seniors and their needs. Our innovative approach to personalized care for seniors allows us the ability to provide comprehensive care at various levels.

Our homelike living areas are designed to engage our residents in activities that they choose and enjoy such things as gardening, music and other purposeful interactions. Activities and outings are scheduled regularly for our residents’ enjoyment. Things such as dining out, shopping, community events and involvement are all included.

Happy residents enjoy living at Meadowview Assisted Living

At Meadowview Assisted Living, we listen to your needs with compassion and determine the best strategy to deliver excellent care through accurate assessments and plans. Our dedicated care managers will perform these special services and programs to enhance the lives of our residents.

Meadowview Assisted Living
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