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It's amazing what you'll find at Judson Village Retirement Community for our low assisted living fees! Our beautiful facility has everything you need to ensure you spend your golden years glowing! You'll wish you moved here sooner and won’t believe the joy that has been hiding in the heart of Cincinnati, OH all this time.

  • Home Care Services 
  • Assisted Living 
  • Nursing Services 
  • Memory Impairment 
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
Judson Care Center
2373 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211
Phone: 513-662-5880

Community program

In implementing our mission, Judson Village Retirement Community works cooperatively with our sponsors and other community, religious, and professional organizations to extend and maximize our efforts in providing complete health care services to all of the elderly residents in our community.

High standards

Judson Village Retirement Community seeks to maintain high standards of quality in all of our programs, facilities, and services through an emphasis on planning, education, fiscal accountability and volunteerism. Make sure you are able to enjoy the golden years of your life with the health care and assisted living services provided by our retirement community in Cincinnati.


Our services at Judson Care Center


At Judson Village Retirement Community, we're realistic about the amount of money most have after retirement. We also feel strongly that you shouldn't have to compromise price for enjoyment and comfort. That's why we believe our rates for assisted living are the most competitive throughout Cincinnati. Our facilities and environment offer a quality of life that far exceeds the monetary figure placed on it. Call or come visit us today for a full list of feeds, boarding information, meal details and other specifics.

nurse and patient at Judson Care Center