Our Services

Recovering from any illness, surgery or injury can be a very stressful and difficult time. Choosing the best possible quality of care is an important decision for you and your family; one that requires research to find the best group of professionals to assist in your recovery. Saber Healthcare® facilities have trusted teams of RNs, LPNs, therapists, and social workers to assist with the rehabilitation care that prepares all residents for the highest possible quality of life.


Many individuals need additional therapy to enable them to achieve maximum wellness following a hospital stay for: illnesses such as stroke or heart attack; orthopedic surgery; or debilitating injuries. Our facility's professional staff creates care plans to meet each patient's needs based on individualized assessment by the physician and multidisciplinary team. Outpatient services are also offered.


The decision as to who should provide your therapy is very important at this Saber Healthcare® facility. All care providers work closely with a patient's physician and family to develop a specialized plan of care. We provide continuous information to ensure that each resident and their family have a full understanding and level of comfort with the treatment they or their loved one is receiving.


At this Saber Healthcare® facility, skilled medical services are available 24 hours per day. Teams of professionals have proven experience in caring for residents requiring the following care, among many others: 

  • 24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care
  • Neurological, Cardiac and Stroke Recovery
  • Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy
  • Certified Wound Care Physician and Nurse
  • Lab, X-ray and Pharmacy Services
  • Hospice and Respite Care
  • Podiatry, Dental, Eye and Audiology Care
  • Psychological and Social Services
  • IV Therapy including IV Antibiotics
Scranton Health Care Center
2933 McCarthy St
Scranton, PA 18505
Phone: 570-341-6676