Saber Healthcare IMPACT Awards

At Saber Healthcare Group, we know that the personalized and compassionate care we offer to residents and patients would not be possible without our staff. It’s common to hear about employers who say they value the work that employees provide to residents and their staff. But the Saber Healthcare IMPACT award takes it a step further. Our employee recognition award is a way for us to celebrate staff members who bring the Saber values to life.

One of the main ways we do this is through the Saber Healthcare IMPACT award. IMPACT shines a spotlight on employees who represent our values:

  • Integrity
  • Motivation
  • Passion
  • Ambition
  • Caring
  • Teamwork

Staff members that best represent our values are then nominated for the award. Part of what makes the Saber Healthcare IMPACT award unique is that anyone can nominate an employee. Residents, families, visitors and even other co-workers are given the ability to recognize anyone that stands out to them. After all, we believe that great work and service can be noticed by anyone connected to a Saber community.

Improving Staff Satisfaction

While much of our philosophy focuses on offering guidance and personalized care for patients and resident of our senior living communities, we can’t forget about the staff who make it all possible.

We believe that one of the best ways to improve staff satisfaction is by open recognition. If there is an employee who’s going above and beyond, we want the community to know. The Saber Healthcare IMPACT award strives to use that recognition as a way to provide motivation for staff all across our company.

How Our Employee Recognition Awards Works

Each month, employees at each of our facilities are nominated for their outstanding service. At the end of the month, winners are chosen from the list of nominees. The winners receive a variety of prizes and gift certificates while also being entered in the quarterly IMPACT awards for even bigger rewards.

We want employees to focus on their attention on the people who depend on their care while knowing that all the support they provide doesn’t go unnoticed. And don’t forget to nominate any Saber staff members who have caught your attention. We look forward to celebrating all our employees do and learning more about your nominations.

Looking to Make an IMPACT

Saber is looking for employees who can make IMPACT. If you’re interested in an opportunity that is more of a passion instead of a job, take a look at our Careers page today. 

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