Redefining Senior Living with Saber Healthcare's PATH Program

The PATH program to home goes through Saber, with our evidence-based models of care and ouradvanced clinical staff. We’re redefining senior living programs by taking an innovative and personalized approach to care. Our expertise as care givers starts at the very top: Saber’s leaders are skilled and experienced clinicians. This clinical leadership drives the innovative, customized senior care we provide throughout our facilities and services and programs.

PATH: A Progressive Approach to Home 

Saber’s Progressive Approach to Home (PATH) program is a unique transitional care model that uses proven medical models of care and evidence-based practices, such as INTERACT Heart Failure Society of America Heart Failure Score.

Return Home With Full Peace of Mind

PATH is specially designed to return patients to their homes quickly and safely and reduce hospital readmissions. After all, the goal of our senior care services is focused on helping patients reach their highest level of physical and emotional wellness.

At Saber Healthcare, simply getting patients home is not enough. Our PATH Program allows our patients to get home in a way that provides the greatest opportunity for them to stay healthy, and also provides the best senior care for them to stay at home. A critical piece to our PATH program's success is open, clear, direct communication with families and loved ones in providing necessary information to achieve this.

Learn How we Help our Patients Transition Back Home

We’re here to improve the lives of each patient we are privileged to serve, providing long-term and short-term care for those in need. To learn more about how PATH is worked into the core of our senior care services, contact us today.


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Saber University

Saber is also a leader in professional development. We offer ongoing educational opportunities for our nurses, which result in lower turnover and increased patient satisfaction.

Saber University provides the foundation for PATH. Saber University has the following critical components, and all work to improve outcomes and satisfaction of our patients. In addition, Saber University has been a positive and proactive way for Saber to invest in our staff through enhanced educational options.

  • Classroom style nursing education offers the most up-to-date training on Heart Failure & Pulmonary Diseases/Conditions. Classes occur every six months and during Director of Nursing orientation.
  • The Simulation Lab provides the clinical staff with hands-on skills training. The focus is on the importance of early identification of changes of conditions, as well as a complete head to toe assessment. 
  • The Simulation Manikin provides clinical staff the ability to listen to various heart and lung sounds that can be programmed in, hand-on trach skills, catheter care, as well as IV skills.  Click here to view the training video.
  • Saber also offers patient and family on-demand videos and print materials provided by X-Plain Education Systems.
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