Assisted Living

Saber’s assisted living facilities provide the combination of experienced, expert care and compassionate support to allow you to continue to live a full, independent life as you age.

Fun and friendship, as well as health and well-being, are what we seek to help our patients enjoy. We offer lots of social and group activities to foster friendships and group interaction.

We at Saber consider our patients part of the family.  We are proud of our longevity in the industry and our investments in the communities where our patients live.

Let us provide the assistance you or your loved one needs for healthy, happy, independent living.

Personalized, Personal Care.

Our assisted living services include meals, housekeeping and laundry services to help lift the burden of living in a private residence on your own.

We also invite creativity, individuality and spirit: Patients can decorate their apartments to make them feel more like home.

We believe being part of our assisted living centers allows you the independence you need but also the companionship and friendships to help you flourish.

Commitment + Clinical Leadership = Customized Care