Why Saber?

We Customize Care.

We heal holistically, tending to your emotional and physical health. Dignity and respect define our approach. We want what you want – to return to health and, whenever possible, to return and stay home and healthy.

We Offer Guidance.

Count on us to help you find the right room, the right doctor and the right recovery plan. We know how confusing it can be to navigate the world of health insurance. We’re here to hold your hand. That's the Saber way. 

We Listen with Empathy.

You deserve communication that’s clear, responsive and appropriate. We carefully answer your questions. We honor your desire to receive information in the way, and at the depth, that you find most helpful. 

We Hire and Develop Talented Care Givers.

We recruit and select top-flight physicians, nurses and staff. Our facilities feature the latest medical technology, and we invest in professional development so we keep improving and you keep getting the best care.  Our dedication to competent, compassionate, customized care starts with Saber’s clinical leadership.

This is what sets Saber apart. 

Patients, Families and Caregivers

Commitment + Compassion = Customized Care

Partnering With Saber

Making an IMPACT together with:

Commitment + Clinical Leadership = Customized Care

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Community News/Events

Dockside Health & Rehab First Responders Appreciation Day

Dockside Health & Rehab First Responders...

Date: Sep. 27th, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
To all Middlesex County First Responders, in order to thank you for all you do, Dockside Health & Rehab invites you to stop by our...
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How to Recognize Signs of a Stroke

How to Recognize Signs of a Stroke

Jul. 17th, 2018
Advice from Saber Healthcare Group. Nearly 800,000 people in the United States suffer from strokes each year. Strokes are the fifth-...
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Man Volunteers for 10 Years at Twilight Gardens

Man Volunteers for 10 Years at Twilight Gardens

Jun. 16th, 2018
You name it, Dennis Klamar has done it at Twilight Gardens.
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New Saber Facility Renovation Project Set to Start

New Saber Facility Renovation Project Set to...

Mar. 16th, 2018
The new management of a Parksley nursing home announced the facility will soon undergo a multimillion-dollar renovation.
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Technology helps get doctors to the scene after-hours

Technology helps get doctors to the scene...

Jan. 8th, 2018
Saber Healthcare Group, in partnership with TeleCare Partners Group, recently rolled out a facility-wide telemedicine program.
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