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Small Business Provided Support During COVID-19

Small Business Provided Support During COVID-19

Jul. 8th, 2020

Mimi Cho of Kroh’s Cleaners to Volunteer for Saber Healthcare Group

Mimi Cho, owner of Kroh’s Cleaners in Bel Air, Maryland, supported Saber Healthcare’s DIY Face Mask volunteer initiative. She connected with Patrick Barstow, a Business Development Director at Optum, to coordinate materials and sew the masks.

Saber Healthcare Group began a DIY Face Mask campaign and sent out a request to their partners, including Optum, to get the word out in hopes of receiving donations. Barstow learned about Saber’s need for face masks in March, and he decided to contact local businesses for help making them. Many businesses turned him down due to personal circumstances, but Mimi Cho agreed to offer her support despite Kroh’s Cleaners recent hardships.

To make the masks, Mimi and Barstow followed the instructions given by Saber. Barstow purchased fabric and elastic, cut the fabric, and delivered them to Mimi for sewing. Mimi then took the necessary steps to pin, press pleats, and sew around the edges of the mask twice to secure tucks and close the opening.

Within a week, she had sewn about 50 face masks. Barstow said she had a “wonderful attitude” throughout the entire project. He was amazed that Mimi agreed to help although she wasn’t sure where her business would stand in the coming months.

“There are so many positive stories and actions people are taking, and Mimi is an example,” said Patrick Barstow.

After Mimi finished the handmade masks, Barstow delivered them to the Falls Run Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He said the love and support Mimi gave left a positive impact on him.

About Kroh’s Cleaners: Kroh’s Cleaners is a dry cleaning business owned and operated by Mimi Cho in Bel Air, Maryland.

Download the pdf version here: Mimi Cho Press Release