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Britny App’s Accomplishments Through the Student Success Program

Britny App’s Accomplishments Through the Student Success Program

Feb. 8th, 2024

The Student Success Program, helps employees in communities affiliated with Saber Healthcare Group achieve their dream of becoming an RN or LPN. The Student Success Program provides education, tuition assistance, tuition discounts and other resources to qualifying employees who are in need of financial assistance for furthering their career.  

Britny App, LPN at The Woodlands Health and Rehab Center, recently graduated from the HONDROS College of Nursing with financial support from the Student Success Program. We interviewed App to learn more about her experience with the program.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

“Before my career in the healthcare industry, I was an accountant. In 2021, I made the transition to become a PRN. Afterwards, I became a full-time aide. Later on, I worked in Life Enrichment and now I am a LPN.”

Tell us more about your career background

“It was quite a difference to go from accounting to the healthcare field, but I found that the transition was easy. It makes a difference when you are doing something that you love with people that you care about.”

How did you learn about the Student Success Program?

“Our administrator, Mike Dinallo, informed me about the program,” App said. “He mentioned the positive things about the program, including the tuition reimbursement. After learning about the Student Success program, I followed the steps, submitted my application and had an interview.”

“Shortly afterwards, I found out that I had been accepted. When I found out, I was with my mom, Kimberly, who is our Life Enrichment Director. It was great to be able to share this moment with her.”

What tools and resources did the Student Success Program provide you?

“The Student Success Program gave me the ability to pursue higher education without having to worry about being able to make the payments. This program also gave me the motivation to keep my grades up and have the confidence to reach out, knowing that they would be there for me. It took fear and questions out of school because of the support that I received from this program and The Woodlands. I could not be more grateful for what they have given me.”

What is your favorite part about working for the Woodlands?

“I love the connections that I made with the residents and co-workers from when I worked in the memory care and long-term units. We are like family. The residents are the reason why I do what I do. I am looking forward to making even more connections with the residents I serve.”

What is one positive experience you’ve had since joining the Woodlands?

One of the positive experiences that I’ve had is the Christmas parties that our Life Enrichment team puts together for our residents. I loved seeing the joy on their faces when they did the Christmas activities and crafts. Their faces lit up when they were opening their presents. It was heart-warming to see.”

If someone is aspiring to join the healthcare field, what advice would you give them?

“My advice is to go for it. Originally, I thought that it would be hard to transition to a new field, but if you find the right community and people, it is a lot easier. Do not be afraid to make the change.”

About the Student Success Program

The Student Success Scholarship Program has awarded over 20 full tuition scholarships since the pilot program was launched in 2021. We are excited to continue to grow our program and help people achieve their dreams!

With this growth, we are excited to announce a new 2024 enhanced version of the now retired scholarship program. This new program is the Loan and Forgiveness Program. The Program is currently looking for affiliated employees who want to obtain their LPN or RN education and in need of tuition assistance.

Some of the benefits for winners chosen to participate in the Loan and Forgiveness Program include:

  • The Program will loan the agreed upon tuition/fees and pay the school directly; then forgive the loan after graduation while the employee continues employment
  • A full-time/part-time job to support you and help apply what you are learning
  • A mentor who can provide support and encouragement

If you are interested in the program, reach out to your local HR representative to see how you can apply. Winners are chosen a few times per year! Student Success programs are subject to change.

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