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15 Christmas Activities for Seniors

15 Christmas Activities for Seniors

Dec. 22nd, 2023

With December comes snow, fun, and Christmas activities! Here is a list of 15 Christmas activities for seniors to help them celebrate this holiday season!

Ornament decorating

Decorating ornaments for the tree can be a fun way for seniors to make new memories this season! You and your loved ones can look up guides on how to make ornaments or use your creativity to come up with something new.

Christmas movie night

There are many movies people love watching around this time of year. A few classics include Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and A Christmas Carol. A Christmas movie night can be a fun way to experience the holiday season together while enjoying some new flicks.

Tree decorating

Many seniors enjoy decorating their houses for Christmas each year. Tree decorating can be a fun way for seniors to enjoy the season with festive ornaments and help bring their ideas to life.

Cookie baking

Many seniors enjoy baking sweets and treats. There are also many recipes that they may know from their childhood. Some people will have a cookie exchange to share different cookies and recipes.

Hot chocolate night

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate? Many seniors will love making their own hot chocolate, especially with fun toppings such as whipped cream, marshmallows, and fudge. A hot chocolate night can be the perfect Christmas activity to help your family warm up this year.

Wrapping presents

Many people enjoy gift giving and receiving this holiday season. If your senior loved one is a shopper who loves to buy presents, they will enjoy spending a day wrapping them for their friends and families. Gift wrapping can be a fun activity, with many unique wrapping papers and fun ways to make the presentation of each gift perfect.

Light show

The Christmas season brings lots of festive decorations! There are some cities that will offer light shows or light tours, and this can be a fun way for your senior loved one to experience the beautiful décor.

Christmas musicals and concerts

Around this time of year, many local theaters and schools will have Christmas themed productions. These holiday concerts and musicals can be a way for your senior loved one to enjoy Christmas music from local talent.

Make Christmas cards

Many people will send Christmas cards to their family members and loved ones during the holidays. Making Christmas cards can be a fun way for seniors to engage in their creativity while writing thoughtful seasonal messages to the people they care about.

Build a snowman

During the month of December, there will be snow! Building a snowman can be a fun way for seniors to enjoy the colder weather while having fun with their kids and grandkids.

Christmas themed games

There are many fun Christmas themed games that seniors can get involved with this year. This includes the Elf of The Shelf, Christmas word searches, puzzles, and more.


Christmas is often the season of giving, and volunteering can be one way that seniors can stay involved with the community. Many fun Christmas events, such as cookies with Santa, look for volunteers to help. Churches, animal shelters, and local organizations that support different causes are always welcoming volunteers for the season.

Read Christmas books

Many seniors enjoy reading, and there are plenty of Christmas stories available for them to enjoy this season. Seniors will love reading the latest Christmas stories and classics alike this holiday season.

Make gingerbread houses

Gingerbread houses are traditional Christmas decorations that not only look great, but taste amazing! There are many gingerbread house kits available at the local store that your loved one can use to build a gingerbread house this season.

Create an Advent calendar

A fun way to count down to Christmas Day is by using an advent calendar! These calendars usually have 25 days starting from December 1. A senior can make their own advent calendar from scratch or use an idea online to craft the perfect calendar.

How is Your Senior Loved One Planning Christmas This Year?

Now that you and your family have some ideas for the best Christmas activities for seniors, you can help your older loved ones get involved in the festivities this year! It’s time to plan a calendar and create fun events for your loved ones to enjoy all season long.

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