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30 Gift Ideas For Someone With Dementia

30 Gift Ideas For Someone With Dementia

Nov. 27th, 2021

This holiday season, you might be interested purchasing a gift for your loved one with dementia.

The gift you choose for your loved one will depend on their stage of dementia and interests. However, it’s important to keep it simple, since your loved one will likely be overwhelmed if you give them more than a few items.

Here are 30 gift ideas for people with dementia that they can enjoy throughout the holiday season.


Puzzles can be a great way to help someone with dementia use their brain to complete a challenge. A puzzle can grant your loved one a sense of accomplishment and give them something they can frame in their room when they’re done.

A handmade quilt

A handmade quilt is a great gift that can help keep your loved one warm in the winter time. If you’re creative and like to knit, a handmade quilt can be a unique gift that they can enjoy throughout the season.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are a good gift because they can give someone with dementia an object to cuddle and care for. There are many different shapes and sizes of stuffed animals that can fit your budget and your loved one’s needs.


There are books designed for people with dementia to help them engage their mind with photos. You can find a variety of options available from picture books to puzzles that are designed to challenge the brain.


There are clothing items that are designed specifically for people with dementia to help them dress easier and give them more room for mobility. Brands such as Buck & Buck and The Able Label sell clothes primarily for men and women who have dementia.

Hats and Gloves

It’s cold in the winter time, which makes hats and gloves the perfect gift idea for your loved one. You can choose a new matching set of hats and gloves that will keep your loved one comfortable and warm this winter.

Coloring Books

A coloring book can be a fun gift idea to help your loved one expand their mind and get creative for a few hours each day. You can buy coloring books with a variety of patterns and designs that can help your loved one bring out their artistic side.

Flowers or Plants

Seasonal flowers or a plant can be a way to spice up someone’s room while giving them something that you can help them take care of. If your loved one with dementia is allergic to pollen or isn’t interested in a live plant, you can buy them fake flowers that they can decorate their space with.


As your loved one’s dementia progresses, a scrapbook of photos from their past can be a great way to help them re-live events they may have forgotten. You can also walk them through the scrapbook and tell them about the good times that they had with family and friends.


If your loved one enjoys sweets, chocolates make a great gift that they can eat throughout the holiday season. There are many holiday chocolates in different shapes and flavors that you can give someone to enjoy during dessert.

Pill Organizer

Many people with Alzheimer’s or dementia will need to take pills to help cope with its symptoms and other health concerns. A pill organizer can help your loved one remember what medications they need to take each day. You can also set an alarm that will let them know when it’s time to take their pills.

Soap or Lotion

Soaps and lotions make a great Christmas gift because they can help relieve dry skin while adding a light fragrance. There are many holiday scents including vanilla, cocoa, gingerbread, cookies, and peppermint that are perfect for the season.

A trip to a Restaurant

Your loved one might have a favorite place that they enjoy going to. You can consider buying your loved one a gift card to a restaurant and taking them out to dinner with the whole family. This can be a great way to connect with your loved one with dementia and help them remember the places they used to love visiting.


Many people with dementia struggle to remember how to get their shoes on and off if it involves laces that have to be tied. You can buy your loved one a pair that’s easy for them to manage. Shoes that have Velcro or are easy to slip on are perfect for those who struggle with shoelaces.


A clock that has the date, time, and year is a great gift for someone with dementia as they may forget what day it is. This can assist your loved one and ensure that they don’t forget upcoming appointments or holidays. The clock should be lightweight and easy for your loved one to read.


If your loved one enjoys a favorite music artist or group, a CD can be a good gift for them. The music can bring them back to their favorite memories and help them relax during the day.

A weighted blanket

A weighted blanket makes a great gift during the winter time because it can keep your loved one warm. There are many blankets with different patterns, which can fit your loved one’s style and taste.

Fidget Toys

Many people with dementia or Alzheimer’s feel the need to fidget. There are many fidget toys available to help keep their hands busy and mind engaged.

Tracking Wristband

If your loved one wanders off and you worry about them getting lost, a bracelet that allows you to track their whereabouts can be an important gift to give them this Christmas. These bracelets often contain identification information and allows caregivers to track where they are.

Wall Decorations

Wall decorations make great gifts for people with dementia because they can help stimulate their mind and bring color to their living spaces. You can buy posters, paintings, and other décor to bring their room to life.


Socks make a great gift because they provide comfort and can help protect your loved one’s feet. You can find socks that meet your loved one’s needs, including ones that contain rubber beads to help prevent slips and falls. There are also many holiday styles available to match the season.

Craft Kit

If your loved one enjoys making things with their hands, a craft kit could be a great way for them to use their creativity and keep their mind active. Craft kits vary in complexity and activities, and you can choose one that you think matches their dementia stage and interests.

Framed Family Photos

Framed family photos can be a way for you to help your loved one decorate their space and remember the important people in their lives. You can frame family portraits from over the years or gather everyone and take new ones that you can gift your loved one this season.

Smart-Home Assistant

If your loved one has trouble with mobility, a smart home assistant such as Alexa can help them navigate through their home. Smart home assistants can turn on the lights, change the temperature, and make phone calls through voice-activation. This is a great gift if your loved one is older and has trouble remembering where to go to do something. However, this might not make a good gift if your loved one’s dementia has progressed to the point where they can be easily spooked.

Meal Delivery Service

If your loved one with dementia has trouble remembering how to cook, you can gift them a meal delivery service. Meals will be delivered to your loved one each week and you can choose meals that are easily made with few ingredients and simple steps to follow.

Key Locator

If your loved one can’t remember where they place their keys, you can buy them a key locator. This will help them find their keys whenever they need them.

Photo Phone

If your family member or friend has trouble remembering different phone numbers, there are photo phones available to help them call their family and friends. A photo phone has photos of different people, and when the picture is tapped, it will call their number.

A Comfortable Chair

If your loved one enjoys reading or watching TV, it might be time to purchase them a new comfy chair. This can help them relax during the day.

A Journal

A journal is a great gift for a loved one with dementia because they can write about their day and any thoughts that they have. As dementia progresses, they can re-read their journal entries to remember their past.

Shower Shoes

If your loved one has trouble balancing themselves, shower shoes are a great gift idea. These shoes prevent slips and falls, and they can be useful if your loved one lacks the strength they used to have.

Saber Healthcare Encourages Gift Giving

Here at Saber Healthcare, we encourage you to find the right gift for your loved one. A gift can help them feel appreciated and loved, especially since they might be dealing with many different feelings due to the fact that they are diagnosed with dementia.

Here at Saber Healthcare, our teams offer memory care services for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. To learn more about these programs, click here.

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