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Heart Healthy Activities for Seniors

Heart Healthy Activities for Seniors

Apr. 1st, 2024

Did you know that the number one cause of death for Americans is heart disease?1 It is important for all of us to stay active and maintain heart health. To commemorate the 60th National Heart Month, here are a list of heart healthy activities that you can do:

  1. Jumping Rope. Do you have fond memories of jumping rope with your friends? Well, it turns out that jumping rope is more than a fun recess activity; it is a great exercise to improve your heart health. When you are jump roping, the amount of oxygen used during exercise, or VO2Max, increases. The more VO2 Max you have, the better your cardiovascular health.2, 3
  2. Playing a Game of Tennis. Whether you play a singles or doubles match with friends, tennis is beneficial for your heart health. According to the National Library of Medicine, playing tennis just twice a week satisfies the American Heart Association’s exercise guidelines.4
  3. Running. Going out for a run improves not only your mental health, but your heart health as well. If you run every day, you reduce your chance of getting heart disease by up to 55 percent.5
  4. Cycling. Going for a bike ride can be a great activity for you to do with your family. When you ride your bike, your heart’s muscles become stronger.6
  5. Swimming. Whether you go swimming in the ocean or at your local pool, swimming can be a great heart healthy activity. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, swimming primarily involves the arm and leg muscles, allowing for your heart rate to rest.7
  6. Hiking. Going on a hike can be a fun way to get outdoors and enjoy the nature around you. When you go hiking, your heart rate increases while go up and down hills, which helps lower your chances of getting heart-related diseases.8
  7. Light Weightlifting. You do not need to lift heavy weights in order to positively impact your heart health. Even lifting five or ten pound weights can help you have healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.9
  8. Dancing. Dancing to your favorite song can be a fun heart healthy activity to do with your friends or family! When you dance, your heart rate goes up and increases the amount of oxygen that is supplied to your heart.10
  9. Zumba. If you prefer to exercise in a group setting, then taking Zumba classes can be a great heart healthy activity! Zumba involves dance and cardio exercises that increases your heart rate and helps you lose weight.
  10. Water Aerobics. If you want to have fun in the water, there are a variety of water aerobics classes that you can take at your local recreation center. Water exercises lowers blood pressure and increases the amount of oxygen that your heart and lungs receive.11
  11. Yoga. Yoga can be a less strenuous exercise you can participate in. When you do yoga, it can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, making it a great heart healthy activity!12
  12. Sit-ups. Adding sit-ups to your regular exercise routine can be an easy way to participate in a heart healthy activity. Sit-ups cause your heart to beat faster, which contributes to strengthening your heart and lowering your chances of getting heart disease.13
  13. Push-ups. Similarly to sit-ups, push-ups increases your heart rate and helps lower the risk of heart disease, making it a heart healthy activity that you can implement into your daily life!14
  14. Walking. Taking a walk by yourself or with friends can be an easier heart healthy activity to do. Whether you walk around your block or walk or a couple miles, walking can lower your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.15
  15. Taking the Stairs. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be an easier heart healthy activity to take part in! Walking up stairs increases your heart rate and improves the strength of your heart muscle.16

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