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How to Boost Your Hormones

How to Boost Your Hormones

Feb. 26th, 2021

We have tons of hormones in our body, and each one plays a specific role.

You’ve probably heard that certain hormones have the ability to affect your mood. This refers to a select group of hormones that do, in fact, control your happiness.

To learn more about these hormones and how to tap into them, we’ve described what exactly hormones are and how they affect our body. We’ve also included all you need to know about the so-called positive hormones, and how you can boost them.

What are Hormones?

You may not realize it, but hormones are vital when it comes to our body and daily living. Hormones tell our body what to do and when to do it.

You can think of hormones as the chemical messenger in our body. Hormone Health Network outlines some of processes in our bodies that hormones affect, including:1

  • Growth
  • Reproduction
  • Mood
  • Metabolism

Hormones play a huge part in helping our organs do their work properly. Sometimes our hormones can get thrown off, which may negatively affect the different processes in our bodies. There are numerous reasons why this can happen, just as there are many symptoms of experiencing a change in hormones.

How do hormones affect us and our body?

Hormones can affect our body if there are too many or too little. Simply put, hormones tell our organs what to do and when to do it.2

As stated previously, most bodily functions need hormones. If someone is experiencing a hormonal imbalance, there are typically symptoms present. However, these symptoms vary depending on which glands and hormones are affected.

According to Medical News Today, some common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance include, but are not limited to:2

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Changes in heart rate or blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Increased thirst
  • Headaches

What hormones can boost our mood?

Now that you know a little more about hormones and how they work in our body, you may be curious to know what hormones can actually boost your mood.

There are certain hormones that can boost your mood and promote positive, happy feelings. There are multiple different hormones that make this possible.


Dopamine is known as the “feel good” hormone.3 This hormone is associated with pleasurable sensations. Dopamine affects our learning, memory, and more.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and helps our brains send messages through the nervous system.4

Dopamine also promotes motivation since it is part of the brain’s reward system.4


Serotonin is considered a neurotransmitter, as is dopamine.4

Serotonin also helps regulate sleep, appetite, and digestion. In fact, this hormone is produced by the gut.5 The bacteria in your gut can help aid its production.

Serotonin is involved in many processes in our body, from brain function to mood.


Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. These hormones are produced by the pituitary and hypothalamus glands in our brain when the body is experiencing stress or pain.4

This hormone is known to diminish those signs or feelings of pain and discomfort.6


Oxytocin is associated with the physical affection and love. This hormone is necessary for parent and child bonding, giving birth, and even bonding romantic relationships.

This hormone is known to increase when partaking in physical affection and touch, such as hugging.

How can I boost these hormones?

Now that you know how these hormones work and help you maintain your body, you might be wondering how you can boost the effects of them. Here are a few ways you can naturally increase these positive hormones.

Go outside

Spending time outside, especially in the sun, can help promote endorphins and serotonin.3 Try to spend at least ten minutes outside per day.

Take a walk, go to the park, play with a dog, or just sit outside to enjoy your alone time. There are many options when it comes to being outdoors. You can even partake in physical activity or spend time with your friends to make it more enjoyable.


Exercise has many health benefits. But what if we told you exercise can also boost your hormones and make you happy?

Exercise can increase your endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.4


Did you know laughing can improve your mood? It can improve feelings of anxiety, and in turn boost endorphins naturally.6

Crack a joke, watch a comedy, or replay that funny video one more time to help boost your endorphins. This hormone will help you feel better as you progress throughout your day!

Cook/enjoy a meal

Who doesn’t love eating one of their favorite meals or snacking on their guilty pleasure? Eating something delicious boosts your dopamine and endorphins.3

More than just eating something you enjoy, eating this meal with a loved one can boost oxytocin levels as well.

Listen to music

We all know the feeling of listening to a song we relate to, or one we want to replay over and over again. There is a reason for that!

When you listen to music, especially music you truly enjoy, it can increase dopamine production in your brain and boost your mood.7 Try turning on some of your favorite songs to experience for yourself how your mood can change.

Good night of sleep

Just as exercising has its fair share of health benefits, so does getting a good night of sleep. Sleep is critical for many reasons, one being that is affects our mood.

Not getting enough sleep can cause an imbalance of hormones. However, getting the proper amount of sleep you need each night can restore the balance of hormones in your body.3

Boost your Hormones Today

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about hormones and how they impact your body, Saber Healthcare encourages you to find one way to boost your hormones today! Try one of these simple options.

Saber Healthcare is an organization dedicated to providing consultant services to long term care providers. This article is for informational purposes and is not meant to be seen as professional advice. Please consult with a medical expert before relying on the information provided.


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