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25 Mother’s Day Activities to Celebrate Mom

25 Mother’s Day Activities to Celebrate Mom

May. 9th, 2024

Are you looking for memorable Mother’s Day ideas this year? Here is a list of 25 fun Mother’s Day Activities to help celebrate mom!

Go out to dinner

Does your mom have a favorite restaurant that she always asks to go to? One fun Mother’s Day idea is to make reservations at her favorite local establishment!

Have a spa day

A spa day can be just what your mom needs to relax and enjoy her special day. You can gift your mom an appointment to get her hair and nails done to help her look fabulous for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy Mother’s Day tea together

Does your mother love trying different flavors of tea? Consider taking her out for a Mother’s Day tea event!

Color a picture in a coloring book

Is your mom an artistic person? You can grab some coloring books at the local store and color pages with her! This is a great way for you both to exercise the creative side of your mind and bond together.

Plan a picnic

A picnic is a great way to enjoy nature on Mother’s Day. You can prepare some sweet treats and make your mom a homemade meal that she can enjoy under the sun!

Start a garden together

Does your mom have a green thumb? You can start a garden that will last throughout the warm months! If you don’t have a backyard, you can consider growing a few plants together indoors.

Bake cookies and other treats

Do you have a few recipes that your family eats and enjoys throughout the holidays? Baking these treats with your mom can be a fun way to spend Mother’s Day while passing down family traditions.

Take a walk

If the weather is nice, consider going out for a walk with your mom on Mother’s Day! This can be a fun way for you to bond together while enjoying the sights around your local park and neighborhood.

Plan a fun vacation

Sometimes all mom needs is a vacation where she can relax and enjoy the food, sun, and sand. You can make Mother’s Day special by helping her plan a fun, relaxing vacation.

Watch a movie

Going to the movies can be a fun way to bond with your mom on Mother’s Day. There might be a movie that your mom will want to see in the theaters, but you can also watch one of her favorites on a streaming service as well.

Take a class together

Has your mom always wanted to learn a certain skill but never had the time? Consider taking a class with your mom to help her experience the joy of learning together!

Go golfing

Golfing can be a fun, relaxing activity that both you and your mom can enjoy. There are many local golfing courses that will allow your family to spend time together on the course on Mother’s Day.

Visit the mall for a shopping spree

Some moms love to shop until they drop! If your mother has been eying a few items on her wish list, consider taking her out on a shopping spree and purchasing a few things for her as gifts.

Visit a farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets sell fresh produce that you and your mom can use to make a meal together. Consider stopping by the farmers market to go and find some fresh ingredients for your next dish.

Take a camping trip

A camping trip can be one way that you and your mom bond together this year. Camping can be a great way to explore the outdoors and enjoy traditions such as eating smores and telling ghost stories by the campfire.

Go to a concert

If your mom has a favorite musical artist coming to town, a concert ticket to celebrate Mother’s Day can be a good gift. You can go and enjoy the music of a favorite celebrity together!

Tour a city

Your local city will have many museums, restaurants, memorials, and local businesses just waiting to be explored. You can plan a trip with your mom on Mother’s Day to experience all that the city near you has to offer.

Go wine tasting

Wine tasting can be a fun activity that you can enjoy with your mom on Mother’s Day. Some local wineries may have events open to the public on Mother’s Day as well.

Make a craft

Is your mom someone who loves to make different crafts? Consider buying a craft and doing one together to celebrate her special day!

Gift sentimental items

Gifting your mom sentimental items is one way to create a meaningful Mother’s Day for your mom! You can make her a scrapbook, or give her something that will help her cherish the fond memories she has.

Take mom to see the grandkids

If your mom is a grandma, she may love to have a visit with her grandkids! Family time can be a fun way to spend Mother’s Day and create new memories.

Host a backyard cookout

A big cookout filled with family and friends can be a great way to celebrate your mom. You can play fun backyard games while enjoying the nice weather.

Play board games

Another great way to spend quality time with your mom is to play a board game with her. You can buy one that she always wanted to try or play a family favorite.


Puzzles are a great way to spend time with your mom on Mother’s Day. If you want to save the memory, you can always frame the puzzle after it is complete!

Give mom a day to herself

Some moms just want to have the entire day to themselves without the stress of dealing with work or other responsibilities. A great gift to your mom could be giving her the day off to do whatever she wants.

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