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30 Ways to Show Gratitude

30 Ways to Show Gratitude

May. 9th, 2023

Do you want to show gratitude to someone who has made an impact on your life? Here are 50 ways you can show gratitude to someone today!

  1. Say “thank you” for their help. Be specific in what you’re thankful for and how they made an impact on you.
  2. Make them a homemade card. A homemade card can go a long way in thanking someone for the impact they’ve made on your life!
  3. Give them a gift. You can find a gift that will show gratitude for all that they’ve done. You can choose something meaningful or give them an item you know that they will enjoy.
  4. Bake them a homemade dessert. Cakes, brownies, and cookies all make great options.
  5. Offer your time. You can show gratitude to someone by offering to help them out, from walking their dog to helping out with their yard work.
  6. Spend time with them. Sometimes giving people company will let them know how much you care and appreciate them.
  7. Write them a letter about how their impact has changed how you see the world. This can be a great way to express how you’ve grown since meeting them.
  8. Buy them lunch. Whether you Doordash a surprise meal or take them out to their favorite restaurant, this can be a great way to show them gratitude.
  9. Give flowers. A bouquet can be a great gift for someone who has changed your life for the better.
  10. Give hugs. If this person is open to hugs, you can give them a hug to thank them for the impact they’ve made. If they don’t like hugs, you can give them a firm handshake instead.
  11. Ask them how they’re doing. Sometimes, you might be too busy to talk and time might have passed since that person has made an impact on your life. Calling and asking how they’re doing shows that you still care and appreciate them.
  12. Make a gratitude scrapbook. You can create a gratitude scrapbook of different pictures of events that had a profound impact on your life.
  13. Write them a positive email. One way you can continue to show gratitude to someone is by writing them an email that thanks them for their hard work and everything they’ve done.
  14. Return the favor. If someone made an impact on you and gave you good advice, perhaps you could help someone in the next generation by becoming a mentor.

Showing Gratitude to People in the Community

  1. Give good tips. Generously tip someone if they offer a service that you genuinely enjoyed, such as getting a good haircut or receiving excellent service at a restaurant.
  2. Volunteer. Volunteer for a cause that helped you or a loved one at a point in your life to give back.
  3. Write a note. Leave someone a note that tells them how they made your day.
  4. Give praise. Tell someone’s boss or supervisor that they are doing a great job. This can be a way to show your appreciation while putting in a good word for them.
  5. Show kindness. If someone has done something that made your day, show kindness through your actions such as being patient and polite.
  6. Give a smile. If you smile at someone, their day can be made. They also say that smiles are contagious and can make many people’s days brighter!
  7. Give a compliment. Sometimes telling someone something you appreciate about them – such as their willingness to help or their ability to always listen – can be a good way to thank them for the impact they’ve made.
  8. Bring them something small, like a coffee or tea. This can go a long way in showing appreciation to someone who does a service in the community.
  9. Be respectful. You can respect others by treating them with kindness. This includes holding the door for them, staying mindful of how you treat them every day, and being patient.
  10. Share joy. You can share joy alongside someone else to show them that you care about them and what they have to say.
  11. Be good support. If someone in the community is struggling or needs help, you can offer to support them.

How to Show Gratitude to Yourself

  1. Spend time to focus on yourself. You should be able to take rest days and enjoy different activities free of guilt. This includes giving yourself time to relax and enjoy your hobbies.
  2. Take a walk. A walk can calm your mind and give you time to think about the things that you appreciate.
  3. Meditate. Meditation is a great way to reflect on your life, what you’ve accomplished, and focus on what you are grateful for.
  4. Write down what you are thankful for. This exercise can help you reflect on your life and help you appreciate the people and things that have made a positive impact.
  5. Turn off social media. Social media can influence your thoughts and distract you from the people and things you find gratitude in. Turning off social media can help you focus on the positives in your life that matter to you.
  6. Give yourself a compliment. Another way to show gratitude to yourself is by giving yourself a compliment. This could be for a job well done or something about your appearance that you’re proud of.
  7. Enjoy a special treat. If you’ve been working hard, a delicious reward might be what you need to show yourself gratitude. You can consider taking yourself out to dinner or buy yourself a dessert.
  8. Go on a staycation. Another way to show yourself gratitude is to rent your own staycation. Whether you stay at a hotel in the closest city or find a nearby Airbnb, this can be a great way to relax and show gratitude to yourself.
  9. Spend time in nature. You can plan a picnic or a day out in the woods to give yourself time to reflect on the people and things that you are grateful for.
  10. Reminisce. You can reminisce with objects and photos from your life that are part of the milestones you are grateful for. Memories can be powerful and help you remember the good experiences that you’ve had.

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