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Chatham Health and Rehabilitation Center Earns a 5-Star Rating

Chatham Health and Rehabilitation Center Earns a 5-Star Rating

Oct. 30th, 2023

Chatham, Virginia – Saber Healthcare Group’s affiliate, Chatham Health and Rehabilitation Center, recently earned a 5-star rating for providing excellent care to the residents they serve.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, also known as the CMS, gives healthcare facilities a rating based on their quality of staff, an in-depth health inspection and a review consisting of ten quality measures.

In order to maintain compliance within the CMS guidelines, the Chatham staff works together to meet a list of goals. As part of the process, the Chatham team prints and analyzes routine quality measure reports, sets goals for the team, and examines ways to improve their processes.

Pamela LeeAnn Fink, Administrator of Chatham Health and Rehabilitation, has taken the role of leading the team to comply with the CMS standards. Her team regularly checks in with one another on progress and comes together to brainstorm solutions as they are needed.

Michelle Ramos, Director of Nursing, said, “Our team is very creative. We work together and analyze when and where our community needs improvements. My favorite part about working at Chatham is that it is very team-oriented.”

Only 10% of nursing homes will receive a 5-star rating from the CMS. The other 90% will receive a one to four star rating. The Chatham team’s dedication to striving to provide quality care to the residents helped pull them together in achieving a 5-star rating.

One initiative the Chatham team took was to search for individuals who wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. As word of mouth of the culture of Chatham spread, their leadership was able to cultivate a robust team from the increase in prospective applicants who were dedicated to serving the residents. Chatham interviewed and selected talent from this compassionate applicant pool to grow their departments and continue their mission to help others.

Fink said, “I love where the team at Chatham currently is and knowing that they are poised to do greater things for not only the residents but the staff and community as well. Our team is planning on incorporating some more fun activities for the residents, such as field trips. Chatham is also giving back to the community. Recently, we hosted a back-to-school drive for schools within our community to help those who need supplies for the new year.”

Chatham is striving to further their offerings through improving the quality of food. One way is adding the Fresh Bread Program, a program designed to help the dietary team serve healthy bread products made from scratch. At this time, the dietary team has made delicious treats such as cinnamon rolls for the staff and residents using homemade bread.

Annette Clement, Certified Dietary Manager, told us, "Chatham is an adventurous place to work. You never know the impact that you will have on a person's life for that day when you walk through those doors."

Another offering that Chatham provides the residents is the monthly Port of Call Program. This is a program where residents visit the culture of a different city or country through food, fun, and games. The Life Enrichment team works each month to create these unique experiences for the residents.

Activities Assistant Patricia Myers told us, "Chatham is a community where our staff love the residents. We laugh and cry with them. We try hard to improve every day."

We are proud of the 5-star rating Chatham Health and Rehabilitation worked hard to achieve over this past year. The team’s dedication and passion for helping the residents shine through the outcome of their hard work. 

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