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Community Apprenticeship Program Approved

Community Apprenticeship Program Approved

May. 3rd, 2023

Three Saber Healthcare affiliated Communities Implement New Apprenticeship Program

North Carolina – Three communities that Saber Healthcare serves in North Carolina have recently been approved by ApprenticeshipNC, the state apprenticeship agency for North Carolina: Autumn Care of Biscoe, Autumn Care of Nash, and Autumn Care of Shallotte.

The affiliated apprentices will come on-site to the affiliated communities to learn from healthcare professionals while attending classes meant to help them achieve a degree in their related coursework. A few of the benefits of this program include reduced turnover, increased productivity, heightened loyalty, and training supported by local community colleges.

ApprenticeshipNC, part of the NC Community College System, helps businesses and other organizations develop registered apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships consist of paid work-based learning and related classroom instruction. They typically last between two and four years, depending on the level of required technical education. Apprentices can train in a variety of industries, including healthcare, construction trades, energy, hospitality, information technology, logistics, manufacturing and public safety.

“I am really excited for Saber affiliated communities to pilot the CNA, LPN, and RN apprenticeships in North Carolina. As the long-term care industry is facing staffing challenges, we must think outside the box,” Sarah Whitesel, Director of Respiratory Programs & Student Success Program, said. “This is a new way for the healthcare industry to utilize some of the success other industries have had with apprenticeships, and we are learning how we can adapt them to a position in the community and give these students opportunities.”

The apprenticeship program offers high school students the chance to enter a pre-apprenticeship and gain valuable healthcare experience. Upon graduation, students will have the opportunity to join the apprenticeship program with a participating affiliated community. The students will attend their local community college for CNA, LPN, or RN education, at no cost to the student. Then a Saber affiliated community will provide paid, on-the-job training to complete the apprenticeship program.

The communities at Saber Healthcare is thrilled to be offering this opportunity to individuals currently in or entering the healthcare field. Saber’s leaders hope the communities expand this opportunity to additional sites in the future.      

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