Autumn Care of Raeford

Autumn Care of Raeford was established as a nursing home in Raeford, North Carolina in 1984. The community provides long-term skilled nursing care, senior rehabilitation services, assisted living and memory care options in a small-town setting. The community of Raeford is home to both the annual North Carolina Turkey Festival and the Hoke County Fall Festival. Autumn Care of Raeford patients get the opportunity to create their own float each year for these festivals. This is just one of many ways the facility’s team brings patients together and treats them like family. Whether you’re in need of skilled nursing or memory care, you can expect a personalized care plan and individualized attention from the team of skilled senior care providers.

Specialty Senior Care Services in Raeford

Autumn Care of Raeford provides compassionate specialty services to all residents. The services include the following:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Short-Term Care
  • Long-Term Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Respite Care
  • 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care

The 24-hour skilled nursing care services provide: cardiac care, congestive heart failure care, IV therapy, pain management, post-surgical care, pulmonary care, stroke/neurological care and wound care management. The community also has the option of HA Beds: Home for the Aged; Respite, Hospice, VA and Private Pay suites available.

Please call the team today to learn more about what makes Autumn Care of Raeford so special.


Redefining Respite Care

Autumn Care of Raeford prides themselves on the high quality, compassionate respite care the team provides to all patients. The skilled nursing team has the experience, expertise, skills and passion to work with every patient to provide them with dedicated senior care and a high quality of life.

Memory Care Neighborhood

The Memory Care Neighborhood program focuses on holistic care for all senior residents that are living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The team starts by gathering information on each resident and uses that information to create meaningful activities and interactions. When you join the Lighthouse Memory Care community, you can expect:

  • Person-centered care in a warm environment
  • Personalized care plans created with residents
  • Family support groups
  • Planned activities based on residents’ personal interests

The Lighthouse Memory Care plan is focused on providing each resident with personalized, custom care that will enhance their overall quality of life.

Contact the team to learn more about Lighthouse Memory Care.

Contact the Nursing Home in Raeford, NC

Contact the facility today to take a closer look at the respite care options at the nursing home in Raeford, NC.

"Dawnelle Pham was and is fantastic to work with. She has worked so hard for my parents. She made them feel welcome and even was able to get them a room together. They are new to the facility, but what my parents say so far, they are happy and look forward to calling Autumn Care home." -K.A.

If you're looking for more information about Autumn Care of Raeford, you can connect with the team on Facebook.

2020 AHCA Award

Autumn Care of Raeford proudly holds an award from the American Health Care Association (AHCA) as part of the 2020 Quality Initiative Recognition Program. This recognition is for one or more of the following goals: Safely reduced long-stay and short-stay hospitalizations;​ improved long-stay or short-stay satisfaction; safely reduced the use of antipsychotic medications, or improved short-stay functional improvement or long-stay worsening mobility.


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Pre-registration Program

The community is excited to offer a Pre-registration Program that allows you to plan for your rehabilitation prior to your surgery. Community’s specialized programs are designed to enhance the lives of all patients. To help make the transition from the hospital to rehabilitation easier, the community is encouraging anyone having an elective surgery to call or make a reservation.

Commitment + Clinical Leadership = Customized Care

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