Azalea Health & Rehab Center

Beautiful, state-of-the-art Azalea Health & Rehab Center, which opened its doors in 2013, is a Saber Healthcare nursing home in Wilmington, NC. Our patients enjoy the local theater, diverse dining experiences and the annual North Carolina Azalea Festival. Azalea Health and Rehab is located off of U.S. Route 421 and is just a short drive from all parts of New Hanover County.

Senior Rehab & Skilled Nursing Homes in Wilmington, NC

Azalea Health & Rehab specializes in respectful and compassionate senior care services. Our specialized programs are designed to enhance the lives of our patients, whether you are receiving occupational therapy or physical therapy. Our team of dedicated professionals provides the highest level of medical and skilled nursing care in a home-like atmosphere. We also offer a pre-registration program, which allows you to plan for your rehabilitation prior to your surgery, which gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

We have the compassion, experience, and expertise to provide the quality care that results in a high quality of life. Please give us a call to schedule a tour to see for yourself just what makes Azalea Health and Rehab so special.

Explore our Nursing Home in Wilmington, NC

Learn more about how the senior care services at Azalea Health and Rehab Center take a professional and individualized approach to care by contacting our staff today. Or get a first hand look at our services by scheduling a tour.

I have enjoyed my time at Azalea- the therapy is great and has made me much stronger. The nurses are top notch and there are some aides that are gems. Everyone is friendly and made me feel welcome when I arrived. My only problem is I've gained weight from eating all the good food they serve-the homemade soups are outstanding . I do recommend this facility to my friends and family. -J.P.

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2020 AHCA Award

Our facility proudly holds an award from the American Health Care Association (AHCA) as part of the 2020 Quality Initiative Recognition Program. This recognition is for one or more of the following goals: Safely reduced long-stay and short-stay hospitalizations;​ improved long-stay or short-stay satisfaction; safely reduced the use of antipsychotic medications, or improved short-stay functional improvement or long-stay worsening mobility.


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AZALEA HEALTH & REHAB CENTER 3800 Independence Blvd. Wilmington, NC 28412 Tel 910-392-3110

Pre-registration Program

Saber Healthcare Group® is excited to offer a Pre-registration Program that allows you to plan for your rehabilitation prior to your surgery. Our specialized programs are designed to enhance the lives of our patients. To help make the transition from the hospital to rehabilitation easier, we are encouraging anyone having an elective surgery to call or make a reservation.

Commitment + Clinical Leadership = Customized Care

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