Centerburg Respiratory and Specialty Rehab-Center

Our nursing home in Centerburg, OH offers senior care in beautiful, light-filled spaces in the very heart-the center of Ohio. Since the late 1970s we have specialized in providing respiratory and senior rehabilitation care with intent to send all of our patients’ home. Centerburg Rehab Center is conveniently located on U.S. Route 36, just north of downtown, making visits from family and friends an easy and enjoyable trip. Our specialty rehabilitation center offers quality health care with a patient-focused team approach.

Senior Care Services at Our Nursing Home

Our quality nursing home in Centerburg, OH offers senior care services that include management of acute care services, post-surgical complications and hospice care. We have respiratory care therapists on-site 24-7 and a pulmonologist on staff to ensure specialized care for those with respiratory care needs.

We have the compassion, experience, expertise, skills and programs that enable us to strive to provide senior care services that result in a high quality of life. Please schedule a tour to see for yourself just what makes senior nursing care at our Respiratory and Specialty Rehab Center so special.

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