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5 Scientific Benefits of Art

5 Scientific Benefits of Art

May. 16th, 2024

The connections between art and the human brain have been an interest of researchers for generations. Art has been found by researchers to make a positive impact in people of all ages.

Here are 5 scientific benefits of art, as well as some ways you can get creative today!

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Art has been proven in many studies to reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, the study of Art Therapy is designed to help those who suffer from mental conditions learn how to express their emotions through art.1

Art allows people to slow down and focus on coloring, painting, and being creative. This can help take someone’s mind off of the world and the stress they experience each day, making art a great way to channel positive energy into a productive activity.

Improve Mood

A review found that multiple studies came to the conclusion that those with mood and anxiety disorders were calmer after engaging with art. The participants in these studies were better able to think about and resolve their conflicts after creating artwork.2

Art can be one way to help naturally improve your mood. It can be used as a tool to help you clear your head or give you some time away from the problem to think of how to resolve conflict.

Improve Memory

Art relies on knowledge of plenty of things: shading, coloring, perspective, anatomy, and more. All of these techniques require practice and patience to master, which engages the brain’s memory.

According to a study, memory when it comes to drawing taps into different modalities: visual, kinesthetic, and semantic. This means the brain retains the memory of making art 3 times over.3 Over time, this can help improve your natural memory and enable you to improve what information that you retain.

Builds Confidence

Creating art can give you a sense of pride. It takes a lot of effort to learn how to draw, paint, mold clay, or make something unique.

One study found that the arts improved the self esteem of children. In the study, the researchers found that every child who participated in making art felt confident despite their skill level.4

Prevent Disease

Participating in art may have the ability to prevent diseases and strengthen the heart. Art can be a natural way to help the brain slow down and improve different aspects of the body.

One study conducted by Drexel University found that 45 minutes of art correlated with lower cortisol, the stress hormone. The participants also were found to have reduced blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health.5

Ways to Get Creative

Are you interested in experiencing some of the benefits of art? Here are some ways that you can get creative!

  • Color in a coloring book
  • Take an art class at a community college
  • Draw for 10 minutes a day
  • Try a new craft
  • Volunteer at an art center
  • Try a new art medium you may have not experienced before
  • Take part in a ceramics class
  • Join a local art club

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