Waterside Health & Rehab Center

Senior Rehabilitation Center in Norfolk, VA

Located right by the majestic Elizabeth River, Waterside Health & Rehab offers compassionate senior care in Norfolk, VA. Our skilled nursing services are personalized to your specific needs because we understand that your quality of life is very important. That’s why our dedicated senior rehab team works to get patients home as quickly and safely as possible through the use of our Progressive Approach to Home (PATH) program. Whether you’re working to improve mobility or recovering from an injury or surgery, our senior rehabilitation services will help you achieve your highest level of wellness. We believe that senior rehab works best when expertise and compassion are combined. That’s why at Waterside Health & Rehab Center, we will help encourage and cheer you on towards your recovery goals.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Seniors

Our Pulmonary Rehab facility provides patients with the options of both short-term and long-term respiratory care. We also provide ventilator management. Our devoted, compassionate team members allow us to provide quality care to patients that are living with acute or chronic respiratory disorders.

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Home Dialysis at Aurora Manor

At Waterside Health & Rehab Center, we offer our patients Home Dialysis on-site so that they are able to receive their dialysis right in the comfort of our facility through Dialyze Direct. We’re proud to offer this on-site to continue to help patients make their appointments and maintain their social interaction with our devoted team members.

Studies have shown that patients who have more frequent dialysis experience improved clinical outcomes including:

  • Better control of hypertension and anemia
  • Energy to assist in rehabilitation
  • Fewer dialysis-related complications
  • Fewer medications
  • Decrease in hospitalizations related to dialysis
  • Decrease in fatigue after dialysis

Here are just some of the benefits our patients can enjoy through our home dialysis option:

  • Ability to remain at the facility
  • No delays in transportation and or waiting for pickup or return to facility
  • Fewer missed meals and medications
  • Duration of 2-3 hours for other activities, including rehabilitation
  • Family and friends can visit more frequently
  • Simplified scheduling

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Compassionate Senior Care Services in Norfolk, VA

We have the experience, expertise, skills and programs that enable us to strive to provide quality senior rehabilitation that will help you return to the lifestyle you worked hard to achieve. When you come to our Norfolk nursing home, our team of experts will work with you to create a personalized care plan. After all, when it comes to senior rehabilitation, each patient requires a unique approach. 

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2020 AHCA Award

Our facility proudly holds an award from the American Health Care Association (AHCA) as part of the 2020 Quality Initiative Recognition Program. This recognition is for one or more of the following goals: Safely reduced long-stay and short-stay hospitalizations;​ improved long-stay or short-stay satisfaction; safely reduced the use of antipsychotic medications, or improved short-stay functional improvement or long-stay worsening mobility.


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Pre-registration Program

Saber Healthcare Group® is excited to offer a Pre-registration Program that allows you to plan for your rehabilitation prior to your surgery. Our specialized programs are designed to enhance the lives of our patients. To help make the transition from the hospital to rehabilitation easier, we are encouraging anyone having an elective surgery to call or make a reservation.

Commitment + Clinical Leadership = Customized Care

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