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25 Gift Ideas for Senior Women

25 Gift Ideas for Senior Women

Nov. 20th, 2023

Are you shopping for an older loved one this holiday season? Here are 25 gifts for senior women that could make the perfect present this year!


House slippers are a great way to keep your senior loved one cozy during the wintertime. There are many fun styles of slippers to choose from that are perfect for the colder season.

Fuzzy Blanket

Who doesn’t love a fuzzy blanket? A blanket can be a perfect gift to help the senior woman in your life warm up by the fireplace.

Nail Polish

Many women love to do their nails, and your senior loved one may want to be able to do their own at-home manicure. Nail polish can be a great gift for a senior who loves to get creative with nail art.


Does your loved one enjoy a particular makeup brand? Makeup can be a fun gift for senior women who love to express their creativity through different looks!

Coloring Book

A coloring book makes a great gift for senior women who enjoy being artistic in their free time. You can also pair this gift with paint, colored pencils, or crayons!

Photo Album

Many senior women love to reminisce on their past, especially on moments such as their wedding or kids. Making a photo album for your senior loved one of their special memories can be the highlight of their Christmas!


Perfume makes a great gift for seniors who love to wear different scents. You can choose a perfume that fits your budget and your loved one’s preferences.

Reading Glasses

Does your senior loved one need to wear reading glasses? A new pair can help give your loved one what she needs to read their favorite books and magazines.


Does your senior loved one have a favorite author? With the holiday season around the corner, there might be a new release that you can pick up and gift her this year!

Restaurant Gift Card

Who doesn’t love food? Your senior loved one might have a favorite restaurant that she enjoys going to! You can purchase a gift card for her to use in the future. It could be fun to even plan to go with her to the restaurant!


A sweater is a great gift because it can help keep your loved one cozy and fashionable. You can choose a sweater that fits your loved one’s fashion taste and style!

Transportation Gift Card

If your senior loved one can’t drive, consider gifting her a gift card to a service such as Uber. This can help her explore their local city and go to an event that she needs transportation to!

Holiday Decorations

Many senior women love to decorate their homes for the holidays. A few new holiday decorations can help give some new life to their seasonal display.


If your loved one enjoys doing puzzles, then this could make a great gift this holiday season! There are many types of puzzles available, and some of them could be a fun new experience this year.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great gift for senior women who love to take relaxing baths. You can purchase a bath bomb in your senior loved one’s favorite scent.

Spa gift card

A trip to the spa can be an appreciated gift for a senior woman who wants to find some “me” time. You can buy your loved one a spa gift card to give her the gift of relaxation.

Bird feeder

Another great gift idea for senior women who love nature is a bird feeder. A bird feeder will allow your loved one to see birds right outside her window!

Sewing Kit

If your loved one enjoys sewing and making things, a brand new sewing kit could be exactly what she needs this year! You can purchase an all-new kit or give her brand new needles, threads, and fabrics to work with.

Crochet kit

Crocheting is a fun hobby that many senior women enjoy doing in their free time. You can buy your loved one a crochet kit to help her learn the art of making crochet hats, gloves, and other items!


A purse can make a great gift for a loved one who might need a new bag. There are so many brands and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect purse for your friend or family member.


Does your senior loved one enjoy baking? New kitchenware could be the perfect gift to help her continue experimenting with new recipes all year long.


Candles are a great gift for those who want to light up the room with fun scents. There are so many candles available, from homemade to store bought.


Many senior women love to wear jewelry. You can find the perfect piece at a local jewelry store or online for your family member or friend to wear at her next event.

Homemade desserts

Who doesn’t love desserts, especially if they’re homemade? If you have a talent for baking, bake your loved one a pie, cookies, or some other tasty treat!


Scarves are perfect for the warmer weather, and they also make a fashion statement this season. Buy your loved one a scarf this holiday season to give her something warm and fashionable!

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