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Brandy Cole Successfully Graduates from the Student Success Program

Brandy Cole Successfully Graduates from the Student Success Program

Mar. 28th, 2024

The Student Success Program is dedicated to helping Saber affiliated employees achieve their education goals. So many talented individuals in the healthcare field desire to pursue a degree, however, some may need financial assistance in order to make their dream a reality.

Brandy Cole, a Registered Nurse at Centerburg Respiratory, shared the story of her enrollment in the Loan and Forgiveness program. She recently graduated from Knox County Technical Center, and she is ready to use her education to help the residents she serves!

Tell us a little about yourself

“I started out working as a medical assistant, a job that I held for 15 years. Even though most of my background was working in offices, I decided to join the long-term care field by becoming an LPN. Soon after, I realized that I had a passion for this job and decided to further my education to become an RN.”

She also shared a few personal details about her life with us. “I’m a mom of three boys who always keep me busy! Whenever I have free time, I like to do yoga, run, and work out.”

Tell us a little about your background in your career

“I have plenty of urology experience. As a nurse, I worked primarily in dermatology and surgery. Once I felt that being in healthcare was my true calling, I eventually applied to work at Centerburg Respiratory, a long-term skilled nursing rehab facility.”

How did you learn about the Student Success program?

“I used to work with Sarah Whitesel, who is currently in charge of the program. When she was at Centerburg Respiratory, she worked as the respiratory director. I was sad when she originally told us that she had chosen to leave Centerburg for a new adventure of her own in the company. However, she told me about the program that she was running, and I found that it matched my goals of obtaining an education. I reached out to Sarah after I was accepted to the program, and she was able to assist me with getting set up!”

What tools did the Student Success Program give you to be successful?

“Aside from the financial freedom that the program offers, you can select a mentor at your facility. I wanted someone to count on whenever I felt overwhelmed with school or struggled with something. Sometimes education can cause you to lose sight of yourself, so I needed someone that I could trust to monitor and check in with me.”

What is your favorite part about working for Centerburg Respiratory?

“I enjoy many things about working for Centerburg Respiratory! My favorite part about working here has got to be the longevity of the staff and the comradery that we have. I spend a lot of my time here, and I think that it’s great that we have an amazing team.”

If someone aspired to join the healthcare field, what would you tell them?

“I think that anyone who is considering healthcare should just join the field. There are so many avenues and things that you can try. There’s nothing more rewarding than to be able to take care of people when they are in their most vulnerable state.”

Name one positive experience that you’ve had since joining the team at Centerburg Respiratory

“The first thing that comes to mind is that during COVID, I saw people come together from all sorts of departments to pitch in. Our people wanted to be safe. Everyone’s needs were met, whether it was the residents or the staff members who wanted to make everything work.”

About the Student Success Program

The Student Success Program was first launched in 13 affiliated communities across the Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Dayton areas. Now, the program is available to all employees across our Saber Healthcare affiliated family of communities. We are currently looking for Saber affiliated employees who are looking to obtain their LPN or RN education.

The Student Success Program has awarded over 20 full tuition scholarships since the pilot program was launched in 2021. We are excited to continue to grow the program and help people achieve their dreams with the addition of our Loan and Forgiveness Program, previously the Scholarship Program.

Some of the benefits of the Loan and Forgiveness Program include:

  • A paid for degree
  • A part time job to support you and help you apply what you are learning
  • A mentor who can provide support and encouragement

If you are interested in the program, reach out to your local Saber affiliated community to see how you can apply and qualify today! Benefits and offerings of the programs are subject to change.

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