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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Seniors

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Seniors

Mar. 18th, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day is a day full of lucky shamrocks, parties, and fun! Many seniors are excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year, regardless of whether or not they are Irish!

Here is a list of fun activities for seniors to enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish Dancing

Irish dancing is a fun way for many seniors to move while learning a new skill! This is also a great way to help them exercise while enjoying traditional Irish music.

Irish Cooking

Shepard’s pie, braised meats, and stews can all make a delicious Irish meal! Seniors who love to cook can find some Irish cook books and make a feast for St. Patty’s Day!

Bake Shamrock Treats

There are so many fun recipes that are designed with shamrocks in mind! From shamrock cookies to mint flavored shamrock shakes, there are many fun St. Patty’s Day treats that you can make.

Irish Crafts

There are so many fun Irish crafts that seniors can make this year! From writing what you are lucky for on shamrocks to creating Irish jewelry, there are sure to be plenty of craft kits available at the store this year.

Watching Irish Shows

One way that seniors can celebrate Irish culture is by watching some Irish television! Some famous Irish shows include Derry Girls, Father Ted, and The Fall.

Go to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

There are so many St. Patrick’s Day parades all over town! Seniors can go to a local one or drive out to a big parade in the city depending on the atmosphere they prefer. There are usually many fun activities and things to do during the parade!

Wear Green

St. Patrick’s Day is all about wearing the color green! There are so many green festive leprechaun hats, shamrock bracelets, and fun St. Patrick’s Day shirts that can help your senior loved one celebrate the holiday.

Make St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Cards are a great way to personalize the holiday for your family and loved ones. Seniors will have fun writing cards that are St. Patrick’s Day themed or shaped like shamrocks.

Read Irish Poetry

Irish poetry can be a great way for a senior to explore the culture of Ireland while examining the deeper meaning inside poems. This can be a great activity for those who love literature!

Look for Four Leaf Clovers

Searching for four leaf clovers is a classic St. Patrick’s Day activity! Seniors can look for four leafed clovers at the park or on their lawns.

Listen to Irish Music

Many seniors will enjoy listening to Irish music as they celebrate the holiday. They can play a classic CD of their favorite tunes or attend a show where Irish music is playing.

Attend an Irish Service

Many local churches will hold Irish services for those who wish to participate. In Ireland, many churches make Irish services a holy day of obligation, making this a great way for religious people to observe Irish traditions.

Attend a Green River Event

In some cities such as Chicago, they will turn the river green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This can make a great photo opportunity for seniors and create a memorable city experience.

Go Green

The color of St. Patrick’s Day is green, so why not go green? Seniors can participate in a recycling event, or make an effort to go green throughout the month of March with good recycling habits.

Participate in a Scavenger Hunt

There are many businesses that are hosting St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunts! This can be a great way for seniors and their families to celebrate the holiday while searching for shamrocks and other holiday items!

Take a Virtual Ireland Tour

There are so many videos about Ireland’s rich history, culture, and landscape. A virtual Ireland tour can be one way that seniors can explore the country in the comfort of their own homes!

Visit an Irish Museum

Some areas will have Irish museums open to the public during the month of March. Many seniors will enjoy going to visit Irish museums and looking at different paintings and artifacts.

Plant Green Flowers

Spring is coming, so why not plant flowers that are green? There are ways to dye flowers that do not come green, or there are some species that will grow the color green.

Learn Irish Phrases

It’s fun to talk like the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Your senior loved one can learn some fun Irish phrases by looking them up online or looking them up in a dictionary.

Play St. Patrick’s Day Themed Games

There are many St. Patrick’s Day themed games! Some popular games like bingo, truth or blarney, and card games can all be made into Irish themes.

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