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7 Health Benefits of Biking

7 Health Benefits of Biking

Dec. 22nd, 2022

Biking is a great activity that many people enjoy. Biking can be a solo exercise or done in a group with family and friends.

Whether you bike at the park or the gym, you’ll be able to reap the health benefits of biking by putting the time in each week. Here are 7 health benefits of biking that will encourage you to do some cycling today.

Biking is Low Impact

Biking is a great activity because it is low impact, which means it puts less strain on your joints. Low impact exercises are typically those that are frequent but soft and don’t overuse your muscles.1 This makes biking more accessible to people of all ages, as low impact exercises can be practiced by those who are both young and old.

Biking can Build Your Muscles

Biking is a great way to help build the muscles in your lower body. When you bike, you will primarily use the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. You will also utilize your core and upper body to help with balance. Over time, your body’s power and endurance will improve as your muscles become stronger.2

Biking can Burn Calories

It is estimated that if you bike at a moderate speed, you will burn between 450-750 calories per hour. The number of calories you burn will be determined by your speed, weight, and intensity levels. It’s recommended by most health experts to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to help maintain a healthy weight. You can use this resource to calculate the number of calories you will burn while biking.3

Biking can Improve Stamina

Cycling is a great option for improving your body’s overall stamina because it can be done in intervals at your own ability level. Many cyclists will use interval training, which is when they will cycle harder at higher resistant speeds for a period of time. An example could be a 60-minute workout that contains ten 60-second intervals where you cycle at a higher pace for thirty seconds.4

Biking can Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Cycling has been proven to reduce the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body. This can help you relax and feel more at ease. Cycling can also increase the number of endorphins in your body, which can help relieve any anxiety you may feel.5

Biking can Prevent Disease

There is a link between those who like to bike and their cancer risk, with a study finding that those who cycled were 46% less likely to develop heart disease and 46% less likely to develop cancer. If the cyclists did develop heart disease, they were at a 52% reduced risk of death and if they developed cancer, they were at a 40% reduced risk of death. This makes cycling a way to help prevent diseases, as well as reduce their severity.6

Cycling can Control Diabetes

Another biking health benefit is it can help control your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes. A study published in Medicine and Science found that those who were overweight and had diabetes and cycled for an hour were able to reduce their blood sugar levels in half. The effects of these reduced blood sugar levels lasted all day. Cycling for a half hour reduced the participants’ glucose levels by 19%. Another study found that those who started cycling at age 50 had a 20% reduced risk of getting diabetes.7

Get Biking Today!

Now that you know some biking health benefits, you can consider picking up your bike and hitting the trail today! We encourage you to try different physical activities that can help increase your heart rate and improve your health.

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