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13 Ways to Thank a Veteran

13 Ways to Thank a Veteran

Dec. 20th, 2022

Are you looking to thank a veteran for their service? There are many different ways you can show veterans appreciation. Here are a few ideas on how to say thank you to a veteran!

How to say thank you to a veteran:

  1. Tell them “thank you.” The simplest way to show appreciation to our veterans is to tell them “thank you.” If you see someone who served our country, let them know you appreciate their time and sacrifice to join the military.
  2. Spend time with a veteran. One of the best gifts of appreciation you can give someone is your time. You can ask a veteran to tell you their story and spend a little time getting to know them. If you don’t know any veterans personally, some VA hospitals will allow visitors to come in for special lunches or events.
  3. Buy them lunch. Another way to thank a veteran you know is to buy them lunch! Whether it’s a coworker or a neighbor, offer to take them out for a bite to eat. You can also make the meal a surprise by ordering them pizza or Doordash as a gift.
  4. Give them a gift basket. A gift basket is a great way that you and others in the community can thank a veteran you know. You can ask everyone to donate items that their family might need and put the basket together as an appreciation gift. Ideas for items that can be added to the basket include gift cards, mugs, household items, chocolates, toys for their children, and toiletries.
  5. Give flowers. You can give a veteran flowers as a thank you gift for serving our country. Many florist services will offer a variety of packages where you can add gifts alongside an appreciation bouquet, such as chocolates or a stuffed animal.
  6. Donate. Many organizations help veterans and their families who are in need. Reach out to an organization in your local community that works to help those who serve or have served our country.
  7. Write a “thank you” letter. If a veteran you know lives further away, write them a letter to show them that you care. You can even add a gift card inside as a little present for their service. A letter can also be given to a veteran you know as a personalized gift.
  8. Make a homemade gift. Sometimes the best appreciation gifts are the ones that you make yourself! You can make a thoughtful handmade gift, such as a scrapbook of a veteran’s military photos or their favorite meal or dessert. You can check out our full list of thoughtful and creative handmade gift ideas.
  9. Learn how to correctly fly a flag. Many military veterans will notice if an American flag is not hung properly. For example, a flag should be flown only from sunrise to sundown, and if it is up at night, there should be enough light around it. Flags that are half-staff are meant for days of remembrance or the death of a government official.
  10. Support a veteran’s business. It is estimated that there are over 2.52 million businesses owned by veterans. Support a local veteran’s business in your area to show them appreciation for giving back to our country.
  11. Offer discounts to veterans. If you own a local business, such as a restaurant or a theater, consider offering discounts to any military veterans who come through the door. This can be a way to thank them for their service and allow them to enjoy your business for an affordable price.
  12. Offer to help. You can also give your time to a veteran who might have a busy schedule or require an extra hand. Offer to clean a veteran’s house, wash their car, walk their dog, mow their lawn, or do another household chore that can help free up some of their time during the day.
  13. Host a veteran’s appreciation party. If your family and friends know a veteran, consider throwing them an appreciation party for their service! You can make the party a surprise or ask the veteran if you know what kind of party they would enjoy. Some ideas for an appreciation party include a movie night, a pizza party, a cookout, or a game night.

Saber Healthcare Thanks Our Veterans

Here at Saber Healthcare, our communities have many staff members and residents who served in the military. We give a shout out to everyone part of the Saber family who made the sacrifice and served our country.

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