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Tips to Help Cure a Cold

Tips to Help Cure a Cold

Jan. 23rd, 2023

When you feel cold symptoms starting to hit, you may begin looking for how to cure a cold. Over 200 viruses can cause a cold, and you’re more likely to come in contact with those viruses during the winter months.1

The common cold shares similar symptoms to many other viruses such as the flu, and typically has to resolve on its own. Although there is no way to completely cure a cold, there are remedies you can try to help speed up the process and ease symptoms.


Rest is one of the best ways to cure a cold. Your body needs rest to heal and recover from the virus inside your body and the symptoms it has caused.

Research has found that your body makes cytokines when you’re sleeping, which are a type of protein used to fight infection and inflammation.1

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated by drinking fluids helps to thin mucus, which can make it easier to drain from the nose and sinuses, and can help with any congestion you may be experiencing. Your body also uses water to flush out harmful toxins and bacteria.2

Try to avoid foods and drinks that can be dehydrating such as coffee, alcohol, and salty foods when you’re sick and trying to recover from a cold.

Combat stuffiness

If you’re experiencing a stuffy nose or congestion, an at-home remedy from your local drug store may help. Additionally, nasal drops and nasal sprays can be bought over-the-counter to help with a stuffy nose.

Taking a hot shower or applying a warm washcloth to your face for 15 minutes has also been proven to open airways and loosen mucus.3

Soothe a sore throat

If a cold has your throat feeling sore and scratchy, there are some remedies that may help it feel better.

Honey can be added to your warm tea to help soothe a sore throat. You can also try gargling saltwater or baking soda mixed in water to soothe your throat. A bonus of using saltwater or baking soda is that both can help kill bacteria.4

Drink warm liquids

Sipping warm liquids is a common tip used to cure colds throughout many cultures. Warm liquids can help soothe the throat, as well as increase mucus flow which can reduce congestion.5

Teas, soups, and bone broth are warm liquids that can help you stay hydrated while helping with your cold symptoms.

Add moisture

Use a humidifier or cool mist vaporizer when you sleep to help add moisture back into the air. Dry air, especially during the winter months, can cause your nose and throat to be even more irritated.

Adding moisture to the air can help with congestion, a sore throat, and overall sleep quality.

Adjust how you sleep

You may find yourself unable to sleep when you’re fighting a sickness. Another cure for a common cold is to adjust your sleeping position.

Try using an extra pillow to prop your head up while you sleep. This will allow fluid in your sinuses to keep flowing, and can help you avoid congestion. 

Boost your immune system

Foods with vitamin C can boost your immune system and help your body fight off the common cold. Vitamin C may also help reduce the duration of the cold.6

Some foods with vitamin C include fruits such as oranges, strawberries, and lemons, as well as vegetables including broccoli.

When to see a doctor

Although most doctors will give you tips and at-home remedies for a common cold, be mindful if your symptoms progress into further health concerns.

Seek medical attention immediately if:

  • Your symptoms last longer than 2 weeks
  • Your symptoms get worse or you develop new symptoms – this could be a sign of another infection
  • You have a fever higher than 100 for three days or longer
  • You experience chest pain or shortness of breath7

Learn More Today

Take the time to learn more today about how you can ease your symptoms to help cure the common cold. By knowing the signs of the common cold and other viruses, you can take the steps to reduce your risk and overcome illness.

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